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"BEAT 1960!" The YOUnited Foundation's Innovative Approach to Education and Positive Action

August 26, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) - The YOUnited Foundation is proud to present their debut PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT pertaining to their innovative "BEAT 1960!" initiative. The non-profit organization serves to educate through the power and excellence of film.

The YOUnited Foundation's "BEAT 1960!" PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT is a 30 second glimpse into the similarities of 1960 and 2008; how 1960 was the year of the first televised US Presidential debates and 2008 is the first year that the US Presidential race is able to capitalize on the success of the internet providing Americans knowledge and seemingly unlimited information, at any time of day, through a multitude of technological devices. The innovative PSA was produced by Sedna Films production house who donated their time and resources to the project.

The YOUnited Foundation is currently focusing all of their energy on motivating fellow Americans to utilize resources for information to be well educated when they cast their vote this November. Ultimately The YOUnited Foundation seeks to motivate more than 63.1% of the American public to go out to vote in November, to beat the highest voter turn out in the past 48 years, 63.1% in 1960! The YOUnited Foundation aims to motivate enough people to "BEAT 1960!"

The YOUnited Foundation's national film festival tour will commence in 2009, making stops at high school and college campuses, screening short films to audiences across the country. Topics of the films raise awareness of social, environmental, political and economic issues. The film festivals provide tangible resources to their audiences by coupling films with non-profit organizations whose representatives will be present at the film screenings. The charities' representatives will provide information on how their charities provide positive action for specific causes, and how people can help by donating time or financial resources to various causes.

The YOUnited Foundation's "BEAT 1960!" PSA is supported by the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library and is currently featured on MySpaceTV as well as on dozens of other supporters' websites1

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